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1. A HOME is made for thee to dwell in, Indra: O Much-invoked, go thitherwith the heroes.
That thou, to prosper us, mayst be our Helper, vouchsafe us wealth, rejoice with draughts of Soma.
2 Indra, thy wish, twice-strong, is comprehended: pressed is the Soma, poured are pleasant juices.
This hymn of praise, from loosened tongue, made perfect, draws Indra to itself with loud invoking.
3 Come, thou Impetuous; God, from earth or heaven; come to our holy grass to drink the Soma.
Hither to me let thy Bay Horses bring thee to listen to our hymns and make thee joyful.
4 Come unto us with all thine aids, accordant, Lord of Bay Steeds, accepting our devotions,
Fair-helmeted, o’ercoming with the mighty, and lending us the strength of bulls, O Indra.
5 As to the chariot pole a vigorous courser, this laud is brought to the great strong Upholder.
This hymn solicits wealth of thee: in heaven, as ’twere above the sky, set thou our glory.
6 With precious things. O Indra, thus content us: may we attain to thine exalted favour.
Send our chiefs plenteous food with hero children. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

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