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HYMN XV. Agni.

1. OFFER oblations in his mouth, the bounteous God's whom we must serve.
His who is nearest kin to us:
2 Who for the Fivefold People's take hath seated him in every home
Wise, Youthful, Master of the house.
3 On all sides may that Agni guard our household folk and property;
May he deliver us from woe.
4 I have begotten this new hymn for Agni, Falcon of the sky:
Will he not give us of his wealth?
5 Whose lories when he glows in front of sacrite are fair to see,
Like wealth of one with hero sons.
6 May he enjoy this hallowed gift, Agni accept our songs, who bears
Oblations, best of worshippers.
7 Lord of the house, whom men must seek, we set thee down, O Worshipped Onel
Bright, rich in heroes, Agni! God
8 Shine forth at night and morn: through thee with fires are we provided well.
Thou, rich in heroes, art our Friend.
9 The men come near thee for their gain, the singers with their songs of praise:
Speech, thousandfold, comes near to thee.
10 Bright, Purifier, meet for praise, Immortal with refulgent glow,
Agni drives Rākṣasas away.
11 As such, bring us abundant wealth, young Child of Strength, for this thou canst
May Bhaga give us what is choice.
12 Thou, Agni, givest hero fame: Bhaga and Savitar the God,
And Did give us what is good.
13 Agni, preserve us from distress: consume our enemies, O God,
Eternal, with the hottest flames.
14 And, irresistible, be thou a mighty iron fort to us,
With hundred walls for man's defence.
15 Do thou preserve us, eve and morn, from sorrow, from the wicked men,
Infallible! by day and night.

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