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HYMN X. Agni.

1. HE hath sent forth, bright, radiant, and refulgent, like the Dawn's Lover, his far-spreading lustre.
Pure in his splendour shines the golden Hero: our longing thoughts hath he aroused and wakened.
2 He, like the Sun, hath shone while Morn is breaking, and priests who weave the sacrifice sing praises,
Agni, the God, who knows their generations and visits Gods, most bounteous, rapid envoy.
3 Our songs and holy hymns go forth to Agni, seeking the God and asking him for riches,
Him fair to see, of goodly aspect, mighty, men's messenger who carries their oblations.
4 joined with the Vasus, Agni, bring thou Indra bring hither mighty Rudra with the Rudras,
Aditi good to all men with Ādityas, Bṛhaspati All-bounteous, with the Singers.
5 Men eagerly implore at sacrifices Agni, Most Youthful God, the joyous Herald.
For he is Lord and Ruler over riches, and for Gods’ worship an unwearied envoy.

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