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HYMN LXXIV. Soma-Rudra.

1. HOLD fast your Godlike sway, O Soma-Rudra: let these our sacrifices quickly reach you.
Placing in every house your seven great treasures, bring blessing to our quadrupeds and bipeds.
2 Soma and Rudra, chase to every quarter the sickness that hath visited our dwelling.
Drive Nirrti away into the distance, and give us excellent and happy glories.
3 Provide, O Soma-Rudra, for our bodies all needful medicines to heal and cure us.
Set free and draw away the sin committed which we have still inherent in our persons.
4 Armed with keen shafts and weapons, kind and loving, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra.
Release us from the noose of Varuṇa; keep us from sorrow, in your tender loving-kindness.

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