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HYMN LXX. Heaven and Earth.

1. FILLED full of fatness, compassing all things that be, wide, spacious, dropping meath, beautiful in their form,
The Heaven and the Earth by Varuṇa's decree, unwasting, rich in germs, stand parted each from each.
2 The Everlasting Pair, with full streams, rich in milk, in their pure rule pour fatness for the pious man.
Ye who are Regents of this world, O Earth and Heaven, pour into us the genial flow that prospers meit.
3 Whoso, for righteous life, pours offerings to you, O Heaven and Earth, ye Hemispheres, that man succeeds.
He in his seed is born again and spreads by Law: from you flow things diverse in form, but ruled alike.
4 Enclosed in fatness, Heaven and Earth are bright therewith: they mingle with the fatness which they still increase.
Wide, broad, set foremost at election of the priest, to them the singers pray for bliss to further them.
5 May Heaven and Earth pour down the balmy rain for us, balm-dropping, yielding balm, with balm upon your path,
Bestowing by your Godhead sacrifice and wealth, great fame and strength for us and good heroic might.
6 May Heaven and Earth make food swell plenteously for us, all-knowing Father, jother, wondrous in their works.
Pouring out bounties, may, in union, both the Worlds, all beneficial, send us gain, and power, and wealth.

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