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HYMN LXVIII. Indra-Varuṇa.

1. HIS honouring rite whose grass is trimmed is offered swiftly to you, in Manu's wise, accordant,
The rite which Indra-Varuṇa shall carry this day to high success and glorious issue.
2 For at Gods’ worship they are best through vigour; they have become the strongest of the Heroes;
With mighty strength, most liberal of the Princes, Chiefs of the host, by Law made Vṛtra's slayers.
3 Praise those Twain Gods for powers that merit worship, Indra and Varuṇa, for bliss, the joyous.
One with his might and thunderbolt slays Vṛtra; the other as a Sage stands near in troubles.
4 Though dames and men have waxen strong and mighty, and all the Gods selfpraised among the Heroes,
Ye, Indra-Varuṇa, have in might surpassed them, and thus were ye spread wide, O Earth and Heaven.
5 Righteous is he, and liberal and helpful who, Indra-Varuṇa, brings you gifts with gladness.
That bounteous man through food shall conquer faemen, and win him opulence and wealthy people.
6 May wealth which ye bestow in food and treasure on him who brings you gifts and sacrifices,
Wealth, Gods! which breaks the curse of those who vex us, be, Indra-Varuṇa, e’en our own possession.
7 So also, Indra-Varuṇa, may our princes have riches swift to save, with Gods to guard them-
They whose great might gives victory in battles, and their triumphant glory spreads with swiftness.
8 Indra. and Varuṇa, Gods whom we are lauding, mingle ye wealth with our heroic glory.
May we, who praise the strength of what is mighty, pass dangers, as with boats we cross the waters.
9 Now will I sing a dear and far-extending hymn to Varuṇa the God, sublime, imperial Lord,
Who, mighty Governor, Eternal, as with flame, illumines both wide worlds with majesty and power.
10 True to Law, Indra-Varuṇa, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you rapturous joy.
Your chariot cometh to the banquet of the Gods, to sacrifice, as it were home, that ye may drink.
11 Indra and Varuṇa, drink your fill, ye Heroes, of this invigorating sweetest Soma.
This juice is shed by us that ye may quaff it: on this trimmed grass be seated, and rejoice you

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