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1. SHEDDING her light on human habitations this Child of Heaven hath called us from our slumber;
She who at night-time with her argent lustre hath shown herself e’en through the shades of darkness.
2 All this with red-rayed steeds have they divided: the Dawns on bright cars shine in wondrous fashion.
They, bringing near the stately rite's commencement, drive far away the night's surrounding shadows.
3 Dawns, bringing hither, to the man who worships, glory and power and might and food and vigour,
Opulent, with imperial sway like heroes, favour your servant and this day enrich him.
4 Now is there treasure for the man who serves you, now for the hero, Dawns! who brings oblation;
Now for the singer when he sings the praise-song. Even to one like me ye brought aforetime.
5 O Dawn who standest on the mountain ridges, Aṅgirases now praise thy stalls of cattle.
With prayer and holy hymn they burst them open: the heroes' calling on the Gods was fruitful.
6 Shine on us as of old, thou Child of Heaven,on him, rich Maid! who serves like Bharadvāja.
Give to the singer wealth with noble heroes, and upon us bestow wide-spreading glory.

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