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1. WHERE hath the hymn with reverence, like an envoy, found both fair Gods to-day, invoked of many-
Hymn that hath brought the two Nāsatyas hither? To this man's thought be ye, both Gods, most friendly.
2 Come readily to this mine invocation, lauded with songs, that ye may drink the juices.
Compass this house to keep it from the foeman, that none may force it, either near or distant.
3 Juice in wide room hath been prepared to feast you: for you the grass is strewn, most soft to tread on.
With lifted hands your servant hath adored you. Yearningfor you the press-stones shed the liquid.
4 Agni uplifts him at your sacrifices: forth goes the oblation dropping oil and glowing.
Up stands the grateful-minded priest, elected, appointed to invoke the two Nāsatyas.
5 Lords of great wealth! for glory, Sūrya's Daughter mounted your car that brings a hundred succours.
Famed for your magic arts were ye, magicians! amid the race of Gods, ye dancing Heroes!
6 Ye Twain, with these your glories fair to look on, brought, to win victory, rich gifts for Sūrya.
After you flew your birds, marvels of beauty: dear to our hearts! the song, well lauded, reached you.
7 May your winged coursers, best to draw. Nāsatyas! convey you to the object of your wishes.
Swift as the thought, your car hath been sent onward to food of many a sort and dainty viands.
8 Lords of great wealth, manifold is your bounty: ye filled our cow with food that never faileth.
Lovers of sweetness! yours are praise and singers, and poured libations which have sought your favour.
9 Mine were two mares of Puraya, brown, swift-footed; a hundred with Sumidha, food with Peruk
Sanda gave ten gold-decked and well-trained horses, tame and obedient and of lofty stature.
10 Nāsatyas! Purupanthas offered hundreds, thousands of steeds to him who sang your praises,
Gave, Heroes! to the singer Bharadvāja. Ye-Wonder-Workers, let the fiends be slaughtered.
11 May I with princes share your bliss in freedom.

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