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1. HE hath drunk hence, Most Marvellous, and carried away our great and splendid call on Indra.
The Bounteous, when we serve the Gods, accepteth song yet more famous and the gifts we bring him.
2 The speaker filleth with a cry to Indra his ears who cometh nigh e’en from a distance.
May this my call bring Indra to my presence, this call to Gods composed in sacred verses.
3 Him have I sung with my best song and praises, Indra of ancient birth and Everlasting.
For prayer and songs in him are concentrated: let laud wax mighty when addressed to Indra:
4 Indra, whom sacrifice shall strengthen, Soma, and song and hymn, and praises and devotion,
Whom Dawns shall strengthen when the night departeth, Indra whom days shall strengthen, months, and autumns.
5 Him, born for conquering might in full perfection, and waxen strongfor bounty and for glory,
Great, Powerful, will we to-day, O singer, invite to aid. us and to quell our foemen.

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