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1. THY raptures ever were for all men's profit: so evermore have been thine earthly riches.
Thou still hast been the dealer-forth of vigour, since among Gods thou hast had power and Godhead.
2 Men have obtained his strength by sacrificing, and ever urged him, on to hero valour.
For the rein-seizing, the impetuous Charger they furnished power even for Vṛtra's slaughter.
3 Associate with him, as teams of horses, help, manly might, and vigour follow Indra.
As rivers reach the sea, so, strong with praises, our holy songs reach him the Comprehensive.
4 Lauded by us, let flow the spring, O Indra, of excellent and brightly-shining riches.
For thou art Lord of men, without an equal: of all the world thou art the only Sovran.
5 Hear what thou mayst hear, thou who, fain for worship, as heaven girds earth, guardest thy servant's treasure;
Tlat thou mayst be our own, joying in power, famed through thy might in every generation.

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