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1. SOLE Lord of wealth art thou, O Lord of riches: thou in thine hands hast held the people, Indra!
Men have invoked thee with contending voices for seed and waters, progeny and sunlight.
2 Through fear of thee, O Indra, all the regions of earth, though naught may move them, shake and tremble.
All that is firm is frightened at thy coming, -the earth, the heaven, the mountain, and the forest.
3 With Kutsa, Indra! thou didst conquer Śuṣṇa, voracious, bane of crops, in fight for cattle.
In the close fray thou rentest him: thou stolest the Sun's wheel and didst drive away misfortunes.
4 Thou smotest to the ground the hundred castles, impregnable, of Śambara the Dasyu,
When, Strong, with might thou holpest Divodāsa who poured libations out, O Soma-buyer, and madest Bharadvāja rich who praised thee.
5 As such, true Hero, for great joy of battle mount thy terrific car, O Brave and Manly.
Come with thine help to me, thou distant Roamer, and, glorious God, spread among men my glory.

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