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HYMN XXI. Indra. Viśvedevas.

1. THESE the most constant singer's invocations call thee who art to be invoked, O Hero;
Hymns call anew the chariot-borne, Eternal: by eloquence men gain abundant riches.
2 I praise that Indra, known to all men, honoured with songs, extolled with hymns at sacrifices,
Whose majesty, rich in wondrous arts, surpasseth the magnitude of earth, and heaven in greatness.
3 He hath made pathways, with the Sun to aid him, throughout the darkness that extended pathless.
Mortals who yearn to worship ne’er dishonour, O Mighty God, thy Law who art Immortal.
4 And he who did these things, where is that Indra? among what tribes? what people doth he visit?
What sacrifice contents thy mind , and wishes? What priest among them all? what hymn, O Indra?
5 Yea, here were they who, born of old, have served thee, thy friends of ancient time, thou active Worker.
Bethink thee now of these, Invoked of many! the midmost and the recent, and the youngest.
6 Inquiring after him, thy later servants, Indra, have gained thy former old traditions.
Hero, to whom the prayer is brought, we praise thee as great for that wherein we know thee mighty.
7 The demon's strength is gathered fast against thee: great as that strength hath grown, go forth to meet it.
With thine own ancient friend and companion, the thunderbolt, brave Champion! drive it backward.
8 Hear, too, the prayer of this thy present beadsman, O Indra, Hero, cherishing the singer.
For thou wast aye our fathers' Friend aforetime, still swift to listen to their supplication.
9 Bring to our help this day, for our protection, Varuṇa, Mitra , Indra, and the Maruts,
Pūṣan and Viṣṇu, Agni and Purandhi, Savitar also, and the Plants and Mountains.
10 The singers here exalt with hymns and praises thee who art very Mighty and Most Holy.
Hear, when invoked, the invoker's invocation. Beside thee there is nonelike thee, Immortal!
11 Now to my words come quickly thou who knowest, O Son of Strength, with all who claim our worship,
Who visit sacred rites, whose tongue is Agni, Gods who made Manu stronger than the Dasyu.
12 On good and evil ways be thou our Leader, thou who art known to all as Path-preparer.
Bring power to us, O Indra, with thy Horses, Steeds that are best to draw, broad-backed, unwearied.

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