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1. KING of trimmed grass, Herald within the dwelling, may Agni worship the Impeller's World-halves.
He, Son of Strength, the Holy, from a distance hath spread himself abroad with light like Sūrya.
2 In thee, most wise, shall Dyaus, for full perfection, King! Holy One! pronounce the call to worship.
Found in three places, like the Speeder's footstep, come to present men's riches as oblations!
3 Whose blaze most splendid, sovran in the forest, shines waxing on his way like the - Impeller.
He knows himself, like as a guileless smelter, not to be stayed among the plants, Immortal.
4 Our friends extol him like a steed for vigour even Agni in the dwelling, jatave~as.
Trce-fed, he fights with power as doth a champion, like Dawn's Sire to be praised with sacrifices.
5 Men wonder at his shining glows when, paring the woods with case, o’er the broad earth he goeth,
And, like a rushing flood, loosed quickly, burneth, swift as a guilty thief, o’er desert places.
6 So mighty thou protectest us from slander, O Champion, Agni! with all fires enkindled.
Bring opulence and drive away affliction. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

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