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1. Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaiśvānara, born in holy Order,
The Sage, the King, the guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
2 Him have they praised, mid-point of sacrifices, great cistern of libations, seat of riches.
Vaiśvānara, conveyer of oblations, ensign of worship, have the Gods engendered.
3 From thee, O Agni, springs the mighty singer, from thee come heroes who subdue the foeman.
O King, Vaiśvānara, bestow thou on us excellent treasures worthy to belonged fo r.
4 To thee, Immortal! when to life thou springest, all the Gods sing for joy as to their infant.
They by thy mental powers were made immortal, Vaiśvānara, when thou shonest from thy Parents.
5 Agni Vaiśvānara, no one hath ever resisted these thy mighty ordinances,
When thou, arising from thy Parents' bosom, foundest the light for days' appointed courses.
6 The summits of the heaven are traversed through and through by the Immortal's light, Vaiśvānara's brilliancy.
All creatures in existence rest upon his head. The Seven swift-flowing Streams have grown like branches forth,
7 Vaiśvānara, who measured out the realms of air, Sage very wise who made the lucid spheres of heaven,
The Undeceivable who spread out all the worlds, keeper is he and guard of immortality.

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