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HYMN LXXXVI. Indra-Agni.

1. THE mortal man whom ye, the Twain, Indra and Agni, help in fight,
Breaks through e’en strongly-guarded wealth as Tṛta burst his way through reeds.
2 The Twain invincible in war, worthy to be renowned in frays,
Lords of the Fivefold. People, these, Indra and Agni, we invoke.
3 Impetuous is their strength, and keen the lightning of the mighty Pair,
Which from their arms speeds with the car to Vṛtra's slayer for the kine.
4 Indra and Agni, we invoke you both, as such, to send your cars:
Lords of quick-coming bounty, ye who know, chief lovers of the song.
5 These who give increase day by day, Gods without guile for mortal man,
Worthy themselves, I honour most, Two Gods as partners, for my horse.
6 The strength-bestowing offering thus to Indra-Agni hath been paid, as butter, purified by stones.
Deal to our princes high renown, deal wealth to those who sing your praise, deal food to those who sing your praise.

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