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1. FIRST worship those who come at early morning: let the Twain drink before the giftless niggard.
The Aśvins claim the sacrifice at daybreak: the sages yielding the first share extol them.
2 Worship at dawn and instigate the Aśvins: nor is the worshipper at eve rejected.
Besides ourselves another craves and worships: each first in worship is most highly favoured.
3 Covered with gold, meath-tinted, dropping fatness, your chariot with its freight of food comes hither,
Swift as thought, Aśvins, rapid as the tempest, wherewith ye travel over all obstructions.
4 He who hath served most often the Nāsatyas, and gives the sweetest food at distribution,
Furthers with his own holy works his offspring, and ever passes those whose flames ascend not.
5 May we obtain the Aśvins' newest favour, and gain their health-bestowing happy guidance.
Bring riches hither unto us, and heroes, and all felicity and joy, Immortals!

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