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HYMN LXVI. Mitra-Varuṇa.

1. O SAPIENT man, call the Two Gods, the very wise, who slay the foe.
For Varuṇa, whose form is Law, place offerings for his great delight.
2 For they have won unbroken sway in full perfection, power divine.
And, like high laws, the world of man hath been made beautiful as light.
3 Therefore we praise you that your cars may travel far in front of ours-
You who accept the eulogy of Ratahavya with his hymns.
4 And ye show wMom, Wondrous Gods with fulness of intellIgence.
By men's discernment are Ve marked, O ye whose might is purified.
5 This is the Law sublime, O Earth: to aid the Ṛṣis’ toil for fame
The Two, wide-spreading, are prepared. They come with ample overflow.
6 Mitra, ye Gods with wandering eyes, would that the worshippers and we
Might strive to reach the realm ye rule, most spacious and protected well,

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