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HYMN XLIV. Viśvedevas.

1. As in the first old times, as all were wont, as now, he draweth forth the power turned hitherward with song,
The Princedom throned on holy grass, who findeth light, swift, conquering in the' plants wherein he waxeth strong.
2 Shining to him who leaves heaven's regions undisturbed, which to his sheen who is beneath show fair in light,
Good guardian art thou, not to be deceived, Most Wise! Far from deceits thy name dwelleth in holy Law.
3 Truth waits upon oblation present and to come: naught checks him in his way, this vic tory- bringing Priest:
The Mighty Child who glides along the sacred grass, the undecaying Youth set in the midst of plants.
4 These come, well-yoked, to you for furtherance in the rite: down come the twinborn strengtheners of Law for him,
With reins easily guided and commanding all. In the deep fall the hide stealeth away their names.
5 Thou, moving beauteously in visibly pregnant ones, snatching with trees the branching plant that grasps the juice,
Shinest, true Singer! mid the upholders of the voice. Increase thy Consorts thou, lively at sacrifice.
6 Like as he is beheld such is he said to be.
They with effectual splendour in the floods have made
Earth yield us room enough and amply wide extent, great might invincible, with store of hero sons.
7 Sūrya the Sage, as if unwedded, with a Spouse, in battle-loving spirit moveth o’er the foes.
May he, self-excellent, grant us a sheltering home, a house that wards the fierce heat off on every side.
8 Thy name, sung forth by Ṛṣis in these hymns of ours, goes to the loftier One with this swift mover's light.
By skill he wins the boon whereon his heart is set: he who bestirs himself shall bring the thing to pass.
9 The chief and best of these abideth in the sea, nor doth libation fail wherein it is prolonged.
The heart of him who praiseth trembleth not in fear there where the hymn is found connected with the pure.
10 For it is he: with though to of Ksatra, Manasa, of Yajata, and Sadhri, and Evavada,
With Avatsara's sweet songs will we strive to win the mightiest strength which even he who knows should gain.
11 The Hawk is their full source, girth-stretching rapturous drink of Visvavara, of Mayin, and Yajata.
They ever seek a fresh draught so that they may come, know when thy time to halt and drink thy fill is near.
12 Sadaprna the holy, Tarya, Srutavit, and Bahuvrkta, joined with you, have slain the foes.
He gains his wish in both the worlds and brightly shines-when he adores the host with well-advancing steeds.
13 The worshipper's defender is Sutambhara, producer and uplifter of all holy thoughts.
The milch-cow brought, sweet-flavoured milk was dealt around. Who speaks the bidding text knows this, not he who sleeps.
11 The sacred hymns love him who wakes and watches: to him who watches come the Sāma verses.
This Soma saith unto the man who watches, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.
15 Agni is watchful, and the gcas love him; Agni is watchful, Sāma verses seek him.
Agni is watchful, to him saith this Soma, I rest and have my dwelling in thy friendship.

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