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HYMN XV. Agni.

1. To him, the far-renowned, the wise Ordainer, ancient and glorious, a song I offer.
Enthroned in oil, the Asura, bliss-giver, is Agni, firm support of noble, riches.
2 By holy Law they kept supporting Order, by help of sacrifice, in loftiest heaven,—
They who attained with born men to the unborn, men seated on that stay, heaven's firm sustainer.
3 Averting woe, they labour hard to bring him, the ancient, plenteous food as power resistless.
May he, born newly, conquer his assailants: round him they stand as round an angry lion.
4 When, like a mother, spreading forth to nourish, to cherish and regard each man that liveth,—
Consuming all the strength that thou hast gotten, thou wanderest round, thyself, in varied fashion.
5 May strength preserve the compass of thy vigour, God! that broad stream of thine that beareth riches.
Thou, like a thief who keeps his refuge secret, hast holpen Atri to great wealth, by teaching.

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