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HYMN XI. Agni.

1. THE watchful Guardian of the people hath been born, Agni, the very strong, for fresh prosperity.
With oil upon his face, with high heaven-touching flame, he shineth splendidly, pure, for the Bharatas.
2 Ensign of sacrifice, the earliest Household-Priest, the men have kindled Agni in his threefold seat,
With Indra and the Gods together on the grass let the wise Priest sit to complete the sacrifice.
3 Pure , unadorned, from thy two Mothers art thou born: thou camest from Vivasvān as a charming Sage.
With oil they strengthened thee, O Agni, worshipped God: thy banner was the smoke that mounted to the sky.
4 May Agni graciously come to our sacrifice. The men bear Agni here and there in every house.
He hath become an envoy, bearer of our gifts: electing Agni, men choose one exceeding wise.
5 For thee, O Agni, is this sweetest prayer of mine: dear to thy spirit be this product of my thought.
As great streams fill the river so our song of praise fill thee, and make thee yet more mighty in thy strength.
6 O Agni, the Aṅgirases discovered thee what time thou layest hidden, fleeing back from wood to wood.
Thou by attrition art produced as conquering might, and men, O Aṅgiras, call thee the Son of Strength.

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