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HYMN XLVI. Vāyu. Indra-Vāyu

1. DRINK the best draught of Soma-juice, O Vāyu, at our holy rites:
For thou art he who drinketh first.
2 Come, team-drawn, with thy hundred helps, with Indra, seated in the car,
Vāyu, and drink your fill of juice.
3 May steeds a thousand bring you both, Indra. and Vāyu, hitherward
To drink the Soma, to the feast.
4 For ye, O Indra-Vāyu, mount the golden-seated car that aids
The sacrifice, that reaches heaven.
5 On far-refulgent chariot come unto the man who offers gifts:
Come, Indra-Vāyu, hitherward.
6 Here, Indra-Vāyu, is the juice: drink it, accordant with the Gods,
Within the giver's dwelling-place.
7 Hither, O Indra-Vāyu, be your journey here unyoke your steeds,
Here for your draught of Soma juice.

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