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HYMN XXXI. Viśvedevas.

1. HELP, Varuṇa and Mitra, O ye Twain allied with Vasus, Rudras, and Ādityas, help our car,
That, as the wild birds of the forest from their home, our horses may fly forth, glad, eager for renown.
2 Yea, now ye Gods of one accord speed on our car what time among the folk it seeks an act of might;
When, hasting through the region with the stamp of hoofs, our swift steeds trample on the ridges of the earth.
3 Or may our Indra here, the Friend of all mankind, coming from heaven, most wise, girt by the Marut host,
Accompany, with aid untroubled by a foe, our car to mighty gain, to win the meed of strength.
4 Or may this Tvaṣṭar, God who rules the world with power, one-minded with the Goddesses speed forth our car;
Iḷā and Bhaga the celestial, Earth and Heaven, Pūṣan, Purandhi, and the Aśvins, ruling Lords.
5 Or, seen alternate, those two blessed Goddesses, Morning and Night who stir all living things to act:
While with my newest song I praise you both, O Earth, that from what moves not ye may spread forth threefold food.
6 Your blessing as a boon for suppliants we desire: the Dragon of the Deep, and Aja-Ekapād,
Trita, Ṛbhukṣan, Savitar shall joy in us, and the Floods’ swift Child in our worship and our prayer.
7 These earnest prayers I pray to you, ye Holy: to pay you honour, living men have formed them,
Men fain to win the prize and glory. May they win, as a car-horse might the goal, your notice.

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