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The son of Raghu heard, consoled,
The wondrous tale Hanumán told;
And, as his joyous hope grew high,
In friendly words he made reply:

'Behold a mighty task achieved.
Which never heart but his conceived.
Who else across the sea can spring,
Save Váyu 2b and the Feathered King? 3b
Who, pass the portals strong and high.
Which Nágas, 4b Gods, and fiends defy,
Where Rávan's hosts their station keep,--
And come uninjured o'er the deep?
By such a deed the Wind-God's son
Good service to the king has done,
And saved from ruin and disgrace
Lakshman and me and Raghu's race.
Well has he planned and bravely fought.
And with due care my lady sought.
But of the sea I sadly think,
And the sweet hopes that cheered me sink.
How can we cross the leagues of foam
That keep us from the giant's home?
What can the Vánar legions more
Than muster on the ocean shore?'

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