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p. 389


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,----Raja! I will now narrate how Sissoopal's brothers, Bukrudunt and Bidooruth, were slain; from the time Sissoopal was killed, the two brothers constantly thought, how they might revenge themselves on Shree Krishnù Chund for their brother's death. At length, on the death of Salub and Doobid, they advanced against the city of Dwarka with all their army; and having encompassed it on all sides, began to discharge all kinds of engines and weapons of war against it. There was great commotion in the city; on hearing the clamour Moorari ascended his chariot. Shree Krishnù Chund Jee went, after this, outside the city, and stood where the two demons in great wrath, and with arms in their hands, were prepared for battle. On seeing Krishnù, Bukrudunt said, with great haughtiness, "Ho Krishnù! first bring into play all thy warlike weapons, and afterwards I will slay thee, my reason for telling thee this is, that at the time of death thou mayest not have to regret not having attacked Bukrudunt; thou hast destroyed very mighty men, but shall not now escape alive from me."

O great king! having made many such wicked speeches, Bukrudunt threw a club at Krishnù, which Huri easily cut off and brought to the ground; then, taking another club,

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he engaged in a severe contest with Huri, when Bhugwan killed and brought him to the ground, and his life issuing forth went into the mouth of Krishnù. When Bidooruth beheld the death of Bukrudunt, he advanced to the attack, and Shree Krishnù Jee sent forth the quoit, Soodursun, who cut off his head, and brought it to the ground, with the crown and earrings; he afterwards slew and put to flight the whole army of the demons: at that time, the delighted gods rained down flowers; celestial choristers and bards celebrated with songs the renown of Huri; all the demi-gods, holy men and celestial dancers, ascending chariots, raised cries of exultation and victory. They then all said to Krishnù, "Your pastimes are infinite; no one can understand the secret of them. First, Hirunkusyp and Hirnakoos were born; afterwards Rawun and Koombhkurun, and now Duntbukrù and Sissoopal; you have killed them three times, and granted them the highest release, for this reason your state and nature are not understood by any one."

O great king! having thus spoken, the gods made an obeisance to Krishnù, and departed; and Huri began to say to Bulram Jee, "Brother! the Kouruvùs and Panduvùs have fought; what shall we do?" Buldeo Jee replied, "O abode of kindness! please do me the favour to go to Hustinapoor, and I will come there by and bye, after having gone on pilgrimage to holy places."

Having proceeded thus far in the narration, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--O great king! Shree Krishnù Chund Jee, having heard this suggestion, went to Koorchetrù, the country about Delhi, where the Kouruvùs and Panduvùs were carrying on a great war; and Bulram Jee went forth on pilgrimage; whilst engaged in visiting the places of pilgrimage Buldeo arrived at Neemkhar; he there beheld that on one side holy men and sages were engaged in sacrifices; and on another side in an assembly of sages and holy Soot Jee, seated on a throne, was reading histories. On beholding Bulram, Sounuk

p. 391

and all the sages, and saints rose up and made obeisance, and Soot Jee remained looking at him, seated on a cushion on the throne.

O great king! on Soot Jee's not rising, Bulram Jee said to Sounuk and all the sages, and saints, "Who has made this fool a speaker, and given him the seat of Byas? A speaker should be religious, a man of discrimination and of wisdom; this man is without good qualities, avaricious and proud; again, it is necessary, that he should be free from covetousness, and be virtuous; this man is very greedy and selfish. The seat of Byas does not become one, who is devoid of intellect, and judgment. It would not much matter, if we were to kill him; but we must have him removed hence." On hearing this Sounuk and all the great sages and saints, said most submissively, "O great king! you are brave, resolute, acquainted with all observances and usages; whilst this man is a coward, irresolute, without discretion, proud and without intelligence, be pleased to forgive his fault, that he is sitting upon the cushion of Byas, and because Bruhmù has placed him here for the business of the sacrifice; the fool was puffed up with pride, because he was seated, and did not rise to make a salutation to you. This, O lord! is his fault, he has committed an error, but is a good man; it would be a sin to kill Soot Jee, no one in the world would call it a good act; what you have said to him will not be without advantage. Think of this in your mind."

O great king! when Bulram Jee heard these words, he took up a blade of grass, and struck Soot Jee lightly, who died from the touch of it. On beholding this act, Sounuk and all the sages, uttering expressions of grief, and being very sad, said, "O great king! what was to be, has come to pass, but be pleased now to favor us by removing our anxiety." Bulram replied, "Tell me what your desire is, and I will satisfy it." The sages said, "O great king! let there be no interruption in the performance of our sacrifice, this is our desire, be pleased

p. 392

"to fulfil it, and gain celebrity in the world." When the sages had thus spoken, Bulram Jee, acquainted with the secrets of the heart, caused Soot Jee's son to be sent for; and having seated him on the cushion of Byas, said, "He will be more eloquent than his father, and I have conferred undying dignity upon him, and made him long lived, perform your sacrifice now, free from all anxiety."

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