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RAJA PUREECHIT said,--"O great king! explain to me the reason, why all were delighted with the royal sacrifice, and Doorjodhun alone dissatisfied, that the perplexities of my mind may be removed." Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--Raja! your paternal grandfather was a man of great wisdom, and apportioned the business of the sacrifice to each, according to his observation of the character of each. He made Bheem superintendent of the victualling department; he appointed Suhdeo to look after the religious ceremonies; Nukool's office was to bring money; Urjoon was appointed to be in constant attendance; Shree Krishnù Chund Jee took the duties of washing feet and clearing away what food was left, and the treachers, formed of leaves; to Doorjodhun, the Raja assigned the business of distributing money; and every one of the Rajas received each some separate work. O great king! all did their work fairly, with exception of Raja Doorjodhun, who practised the deceit of distributing many times in place of only distributing once; thinking, and having determined in his mind, to break their bank, and thereby destroy their respectability. But by the favour of Bhugwan, their respectability was not destroyed; on the contrary, their character was enchanted, and therefore he was displeased, and he did not know that there

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were lines in his hand, so that if he gave one rupee, four would be collected.

Having recited thus much of the narrative, Shree Shookdeo Jee said,--Raja! be pleased now to listen to what follows in the narrative. On the departure of Shree Krishnù Chund Jee, Raja Joodisthur, having entertained the Rajas, bestowed dresses of honour upon them, and behaved to them with the utmost complaisance, allowed them to take leave; and they arranged their several armies, and set out for their own countries. After this, Raja Joodisthur, taking the Panduvùs and Kouruvùs with him, went, in musical procession, to bathe in the Ganges. Having arrived on the banks of the river, he made an obeisance; and, having rubbed dust on his body and sipping water in his hands, he entered the stream with his wife; all the party bathed at the same time with them. Then, when they had bathed and washed, and finished their meditations and prayers, and adoration, and had put on their clothes and ornaments; Raja Joodisthur, accompanied by them all, came to where the demon Mye had built a most elegant house of gold, studded with jewels. O great king! having gone there, Raja Joodisthur sat upon a throne; at that time, celestial musicians sang of his good qualities; bards and panegyrists recited his celebrated deeds; in the midst of the assembly, dancing girls danced; inside and outside the house, musicians and singers played and sang songs of festivity and rejoicing; and the court of the Raja Joodisthur appeared like the court of Indrù. In the mean while, when the Raja Doorjodhun heard of the Raja Joodisthur's arrival, he pretended friendship, and went there with great pomp and parade to meet him.

Having recited thus much of the history, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--O great king! the demon Mye had contrived in the midst of a square enclosure, that whoever entered it, should mistake dry land for water, and water for dry land. O great king! when the Raja Doorjodhun entered the enclosure, on seeing dry land, he thought that it was

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water, and pulled off all his clothes; having then gone a little further and seeing water, he mistook it for dry land; and, as he advanced, his clothes wetted. On observing this mistake of his, all the courtiers burst out laughing, and Raja Joodisthur turned his head aside to prevent himself from laughing. O great king! having heard them all laughing, Raja Doorjodhun was very much ashamed and went away in great wrath. Having sat down in the court, he began to say, "Since Joodisthur has obtained the support of Krishnù's strength, he has become very proud. To-day, while he was sitting in the court, he made all the courtiers laugh at me; I will revenge myself on him for this, and chastise his pride, otherwise my name is not Doorjodhun."

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