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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! Shree Krishnù Chund Jee allowed the brahmin to take leave, who brought the message of the Rajas, having first said to him, "O divine being! go and say from me to all the Rajas not to be at all anxious, as I shall come soon and liberate them." With these words, O great king! Shree Krishnù Chund dismissed the brahmin, and having taken Oodho Jee with him, went into the court of the Rajas Oogursen and Soorsen, and mentioned all the news he had heard in their presence. On hearing which they were silent; upon this Oodho Jee said, "O great king! do these two things; first, release the Rajas from the power of Joorasindhoo, and afterwards go and make arrangements for the sacrifice; because no one, except a Raja, can take part in a royal sacrifice; and there are twenty thousand Rajas collected at that place; if you will set them free, they will, without invitation, assist in the sacrifice, showing you the greatest respect for your favour to them. O great king! if any one else were to conquer the ten quarters of the world, he would not find so many Rajas collected together; it is therefore most advisable that you go to Hustinapoor; and, uniting and consulting with the Panduvùs, do what is necessary to be done." O great king! Oodho Jee

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after this again said, "Raja Joorasindhoo is very liberal, and a great respecter and worshipper of the cow and brahmin; every one who asks him for any thing receives it; no beggar ever returns disappointed from his presence; he never speaks falsely, and fulfils every promise he makes, and he has the strength of ten thousand elephants; which strength is equal to that of Bheemsen. Lord! if you go there, take Bheemsen also with you, I have an idea, that he will perish by Bheemsen's hand."

Having proceeded thus far in the narrative, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--Raja! when Oodho Jee had thus spoken Shree Krishnù Chund, having taken leave of Rajas Oogursen and Soorsen, said to the descendants of Judoo, "Get my army ready, as I shall go to Hustinapoor." On hearing this, the descendants of Judoo arranged and brought the whole army, and Krishnù accompanied it with his eight queens.

O great king! when Shree Krishnù Chund, accompanied by his family and army, and sounding the great kettledrum, proceeded from the city of Dwarka to Hustinapoor, the beauty of the scene exceeded all description; in front of all were the castles of the elephants; on the right and left was the protection of chariots and horses; in the centre was the seraglio; and in rear of all, accompanied by his army, and affording universal protection, came Shree Krishnù Chund Jee; Wherever they encamped, a handsome, elegant city of many  coss in extent was formed. The Rajas of different countries came in a state of alarm to pay visits, and offer presents; and Krishnù, seeing that they were terrified, consoled them in every way; at length, having proceeded with this great pomp and show, Huri arrived with them all in the neighbourhood of Hustinapoor. Upon this some one went, and said to the Raja Joodisthur, "O great king! some monarch with a very large army and a great retinue of followers, has advanced into your country, be pleased to take measures

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quickly for arresting his progress, otherwise he will be here immediately."

The Raja Joodisthur, O great king! was alarmed at these words and sent his two younger brothers, Nukool and Suhdeo, to confront Krishnù, having given them this instruction, "See and come and inform me what Raja is coming to attack us." On receiving the Raja's order Suhdeo and Nukool went to see who had come, and on their return reported to the Raja, "O lord of our lives! Huri has come." On hearing this the Raja banished all anxiety. Raja Joodisthur, being greatly delighted, sent afterwards for Bheem and Urjoon and said to his four brothers, "Go all of you in advance to meet Krishnù and bring him here with you."

Having received, O great king! the Raja's order, and heard of Krishnù's arrival, the four brothers were very much pleased and taking with them the necessary presents and materials for offering adoration and accompanied by learned pundits, they went forth with music playing, and singing songs to bring Krishnù in; at length, having met him with great respect and reverence, and offered presents and adoration in the manner prescribed by the Vedas, the four brothers brought Krishnù with them into the city in musical procession, spreading silken cloths on the road for him to walk upon, showering down flowers of silver and gold, sprinkling perfumes, sandal and rosewater, and presenting sweet scents, lamps and consecrated food. The Raja Joodisthur was exceedingly gratified to meet Krishnù, and considered that all his wishes in life had been accomplished. After this all persons outside and inside the city had cordial meetings, observing the usual ceremonies, and mutually interchanged civilities and kindnesses, and were in the highest degree pleased; joy was diffused every where, and Shree Krishnù. Chund, by staying there, made them all happy.

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