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p. 141


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! whilst Akroor was standing in the water, and meditating for some time on Krishnû, he obtained knowledge; and joining his hands, and making obeisance, began to say to Krishnù, "You are the divinity, both creator and destroyer; and having come into the world for the sake of your worshippers, you assume endless forms and shapes; and gods, men and sages are particles of you. Being manifested from you, they are contained in you, as water is contained in the sea, having issued from the sea! Your greatness is incomparable! Who can describe it? You remain constantly in the form of the embodied spirit? The heaven is your head, the earth your feet, the sea your belly, the atmosphere, your navel, clouds your hair, trees the hair of your body, fire your mouth, the ten quarters of the world your ears, the sun and melon your eyes; Indrù your arm, Bruhmù your intellect, Roodrù your pride, thunder your speech, air your life, water your seed; day and night depend on the opening and shutting of your eye-lids. This is the form, in which you constantly dwell? Who can recognize you?" Akroor, having thus offered up praises to Krishnû, and meditated upon his feet said, "O lord of compassion! take me under your protection.

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