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p. 108


SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! all the cowherdesses, sitting on the bank of the Jumna, and intoxicated with love, began to sing the exploits and virtues of Huri: "O most beloved! since you came to Bruj, you have diffused new pleasures there. Luchmee in the hope of your protection, has corn and taken up her fixed abode. We, cowherdesses, are your slaves; show compassion, and quickly take thought of us; since we have seen your elegant, dark-coloured, beautiful form, we have become your slaves without purchase. The arrows of your eyes have pierced our breasts. Beloved! in what way and manner are we not yours? Have mercy on us, as our lives are ebbing out. Lay aside relentlessness, and be pleased to present yourself soon to our sight. If your wish was to destroy us, why did you save us from the poisonous serpent, from fire and from inundation; why not have allowed us then to die? You are not merely Jusodha's son. Bruhmù, Roodrù, Indrù and all the gods, humbling themselves before you, have brought you on the earth for the protection of the world.

"O lord of life! it is a subject of great wonder to us, whom you will preserve, if you destroy your own! Beloved! your are acquainted with the secrets of the heart; why do you not put

p. 109

an end to our affliction, and grant the accomplishment of our hopes! What, beloved! do you wish to display your heroism towards us weak women? What pain do we not suffer, when we behold your gentle smile, your affectionate glance, the bend of your eye-brows, the coquetry of your eyes, the undulating motion of your neck, and the splendour of your discourse? And when you used to go to the jungle to give pasture to the cows, the stones and thorns of the forest gave pain to our minds when we thought of your soft feet. You went early in the morning, and returned in the evening: but still these four puhurs appeared to us like four ages. When sitting in your presence, we gazed on your elegant form, we thought in our minds, that Bruhmù was very foolish in having formed the eye-lid, to prevent our fixed and uninterrupted gaze."

Having told so much of the story, Shree Shookdeo Jee said, O great king! the cowherdesses, distressed at their separation from Krishnù, continued in this disconsolate manner to sing his exploits, and were worn out by their exertions in doing so; but still Beharee did not come.

At length, being utterly without hope, and giving up all expectation of living, they became quite senseless from total want of resolution; and falling down, wept so violently and with such lamentations, that all things, animate and inanimate, on hearing them, were very much afflicted.

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