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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--O great king! Shree Krishnù Chund having thus spoken, took the cowherds' children with him again to engage in sports. And whilst Krishnù was absent in the jungle, grazing the cows, the cowherdesses remained in their houses, singing his praises. One day Shree Krishnù played on the flute in the jungle: and, on hearing the sound of the flute, all the women of Bruj stood up in a state of agitation; and, having assembled in one place, sat down on the road they began to say to each other, "Our eyes will then be fully gratified when we behold Krishnù; he is now with the cows in the jungle, dancing and singing, in the evening he will return, and then we shall see him." On hearing this a cowherdess said, "Hear me friend! he has played upon the flute, and behold what greatness he has conferred upon the bamboo!"

"What excellent qualities has it, that Shree Krishnù's mouth should be fastened to it all day long. And having drank the nectar of his lips, and raining forth joy, (it) the flute emits sounds like the clouds?

"What, is it more beloved than ourselves, that Krishnù keeps it near him day and night?

"It was made in our presence, and has now become a rival to us, being constantly on his person.

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"When Shree Krishnù, having wiped the flute with a yellow silk cloth, plays upon it, the gods, sages, celestial choristers and musicians taking their wives with them and seated in their chariots, come eagerly to hear him, and being fascinated by hearing him, they become fixed and motionless as pictures. What penance has the flute performed, that all are so subservient to it?"

Another cowherdess said in reply, "Having first of all been produced in the stock of the bamboo, the flute kept Huri in constant remembrance. Afterwards it endured heat, cold and rain. Suddenly, being broken up into small pieces, it burnt its body in fire and inhaled smoke.

"This is the penance it has performed, by means of which it has become complete, and obtained this result (fruit)."

Having heard this, one of the Bruj women said, "Why has the lord of Bruj not formed us into flutes, that we might stay with Huri day and night?" Having narrated thus much, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--O great king! the cowherdesses constantly sung the praises of Krishnù, until his return from grazing the cows in the jungles.

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