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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--Raja! when Shree Krishnù removed his delusion, Bruhmù acquired a knowledge of his own body (that is, recovered his former intelligence.) Reflecting he went to Bhugwan, and implored him most earnestly: falling at his feet, soliciting and standing before him with joined hands, he began to say, "O lord! you have done me a great kindness in having removed my pride, by which I had been blinded; who has understanding sufficient to comprehend your actions, unless you take compassion upon him? Your illusory power has fascinated all; who is there with powers to fascinate you? You are the god of all; in every hair of your body there are many Bruhmùs like me: in what reckoning am I? O kind to the poor! be pleased now compassionately to forgive my offence, and take not thought of my fault."

Having heard thus much, Shree Krishnù smiled: Bruhmù then brought all the cowherds' children and the calves in a state of sleep: and being ashamed, and offering praises to Krishnù, went to his own abode. The assembly was formed exactly as it was before: although a year had passed, no one was aware of it. When the cowherds' children awoke, Krishnù collected the calves. Upon this, some of the children said,

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[paragraph continues] "Brother! you have brought the calves quickly; we have not had time to eat our food."

Hearing this, Krishnù said laughing, "I was anxious on your account--I found the calves, grazing near in one place; let us now go home, having come here very early in the morning." Conversing thus, and taking the calves with them, they all came home, laughing and playing.

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