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p. 51


SHREE SHOOKDEO said,--O great king! Shree Krishnù went one day early to the jungle to feed the calves; and all the cowherds' children, taking provisions with them from their homes, accompanied him. Having gone to the pasture ground, and deposited their food, and let the calves loose to graze, staining their bodies with white and red earth, making necklaces of jungle fruits and flowers, they put them on, and imitating the sounds of beasts and birds, and indulging in sports of various kinds, they began to dance and sing.

In the meantime, a demon named Ooghasoor, sent by Kuns, arrived; and being transformed into a. huge serpent, sat with his-mouth open; and Shree Krishnú playing, sporting and taking his companions with him, came to the spot where the serpent, having prepared his ambuscade, was sitting with his mouth open. Having beheld him from a distance, the cowherds' children began to say amongst themselves, "Brother! this is some great mountain, the chasm of which is so large." Thus conversing, and leading the calves, they came near the serpent. One child then seeing its mouth open, said, "Brother! this is some very frighful cave, do not let us go inside it, we are frightened on even looking at it." One of the companions, named Tokh, then said, "Come, let us go inside, what fear have

p. 52

we, whilst Krishnù is with us? If it should be any demon, he will be destroyed as Bukasoor was." They were all standing and conversing thus, when the serpent drew such a deep breath, that all the cowherds' children together with the calves fell into his mouth. There was such a poisonous, hot vapour, that the calves alarmed, began to low, and Krishnù's companions to call out, "O beloved Krishnù! quickly take thought of us, or we shall be burnt to death." Hearing their cries, Shree Krishnù, being distressed, went also into his mouth; and the serpent delighted shut its mouth. Upon this, Shree Krishnù increased his body to such a size, that the serpent's stomach was burst. All the calves and cowherds' children fell out. At this time, the gods delighted, and raining flowers and nectar, took away the heat, under which all were suffering. Upon this, the cowherds' children began to say to Shree Krishnù, "Brother! by putting this demon to death, you have well saved us: otherwise, all would have perished--(or had perished,)"

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