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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--"Raja! whilst Shree Krishnù was bound, the recollection of a former birth occurred to him, when Narud had pronounced a curse on the two sons of Kooverù, whom, it was necessary for him to liberate."--On hearing this, the Raja Pureechit said to Shookdeo Jee, "O great king! please explain how Narud, the sage, cursed the sons of Kooverù." Shookdeo, the sage, said,--In the mountain Kylas, Kooverù had two sons, named Nul and Koover, who, attending upon Sivù, became very rich--One day, accompanied by their wives, they went into the forest for amusement; and having drank wine there, became intoxicated. Stripping themselves and their wives naked, they began to bathe in the Ganges, and throwing their arms round each other's necks, indulged in various kinds of amatory playfulness, in the midst of which, Narud, the sage, made his appearance. On seeing him, the women came out of the water, and dressed themselves;--but the two men, who were intoxicated, remained where they were. Seeing their condition, Narud Jee began to say to himself, "They have become proud on account of their wealth; and for this reason, indulge in anger, and amorous sports--A man without wealth has no pride; and a wealthy man, no thought of

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religion, or irreligion"--It is said, "that fools having cherished their false bodies, (that is, indulging in all sorts of luxury and excess,) forget themselves. At the sight of wealth, and their families (meaning, high connexions,) they are elated--and virtuous men do not entertain any pride of wealth in their minds, but regard good and bad fortune alike." Saying this, Narud, the sage, pronounced a curse upon them--"For this crime, go to Gokool, and become trees; when Shree Krishnù descends upon the earth, he will liberate you." Narud, the sage, thus cursed them, for which reason they came to Gokool, and were transformed into trees--and they were named Jumlajoorun.

Having narrated thus much, Shookdeo Jee said,--O great king! recollecting this circumstance, Shree Krishnù, dragging along the wooden mortar, came to the place in which the trees named Jumlajoorun, were. On going there, having cast the wooden mortar across, between the two great trees, he gave such a sudden jerk, that the two trees fell down, uprooted; and two very handsome human beings, coming forth from them, and joining their hands, began to sing his praises--"O Lord! who, but you, would recollect such great sinners as we are." Shree Krishnù said, "Narud, the sage, has shown great compassion towards you, in having granted you liberation in Gokool; through his beneficence, you have obtained me--Now ask from me any boon you wish." Jumlajoorun said, "O lord of the poor! through the favour of Narud Jee, we have touched your feet, and obtained a sight of you; we have now no desire of any thing else; but be pleased to grant this much, that faith in you may always continue in our breasts." On hearing this, Shree Krishnù, having granted what they asked, and laughing, dismissed them.

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