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SHREE SHOOKDEO JEE said,--Raja! At the time Shree Krishnù Chund was about to be born, such joy arose in the minds of all men, that the name even of grief did not remain. Through delight the forests and groves being green began to produce flowers and fruits; the rivers, nullahs and ponds to be filled with water; birds of different kinds to sport and hop about; and there were rejoicings in every city, village and house; Brahmins offered up sacrifices; the guardians of the ten quarters were delighted; clouds rolled over Brujmundul; the gods seated in their chariots rained flowers from the sky, the celestial dancers, musicians, bands, playing upon drums and pipes began to sing praises; and in one quarter Oorbusee and all the celestial courtezans were dancing. Under such a combination of circumstances on the eighth of the dark part of the month of Bhadon, in the Rohnee division of the zodiack, on a Wednesday at midnight, Shree Krishnù Jee was born; and being of the colour of a cloud, with a face like the moon, lotus-eyed, wearing a yellow vest, with a crown on his head, and adorned with the byjuntee--necklace, composed of jewels, produced from the five elements of nature, and having ornaments studded with jewels, in a form with

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four arms, holding a shell, quoit, club, and a lotus, he appeared before Basoodeo and Dewukee. On seeing him, both being amazed imagined him to be the first mortal; then joining their hands, they submissively said, "Great is our good fortune, that you have shown yourself to us, and given us a release from birth and death."

Having thus spoken, they narrated the first part of the history, how Kuns had caused them affliction; upon this, Shree Krishnù Chund, said, "Do not now suffer any anxiety of mind, because I have descended upon the earth to dispel your griefs, but carry me now to Gokool; and at this very time Jusodha has had a daughter, which take and deliver to Kuns; listen to the reason of my going, which I will explain. Nund and Jusodha have performed religious penance; fixing their affections upon me, they desire to see their child's happiness: I will go and stay some days with them. Hereafter, after having killed Kuns, I will return to you: keep up your confidence."

Having made this explanation to Basoodeo and Dewukee, Shree Krishnù being transformed into an infant, began to cry, and dissipated his delusion--And upon this, all the knowledge of Basoodeo and Dewukee departed, and they supposed the infant to be their own son. Thinking thus, and having made a vow in their minds to offer up ten thousand cows, they took the child in their arms and fondled it. On looking at its face, both heaving deep sighs, began to say to each other, "Let us contrive some means of carrying off this infant, that he may escape from the hands of that sinner Kuns." Basoodeo said, "Without the assistance of Bruhmù, no one will be able to support him; whatever has been written in fate, that will happen." Then joining. her hands Jusodha said, "Your friend Nund lives at Gokool:--Jusodha will dispel our troubles, and there is your wife Rohnee.--Take this infant there." On hearing this, Basoodeo said with agitation, "How shall I escape from these strong

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fastenings?" Upon this, all their handcuffs and chains upon their legs fell off; the doors flew open on all four sides: the watchmen, off their guard, were fast asleep.

Basoodeo Jee having then placed Shree Krishnù in a basket, put it on his head, and went off immediately to Gokool-Above the gods were pouring rain, behind him lions roared. Basoodeo became anxious, on beholding the great stream of the Jumna.

Standing on the bank of the river, Basoodeo began to reflect "that behind lions are roaring, and in front the fathomless Jumna is flowing, what shall I do now?" Saying this, and fixing his thoughts upon Bhugwan, he went into the Jumna; and the depth of the river increased as he advanced. When the water came up to his nose, he was very much frightened-Perceiving that he was agitated, Shree Krishnù, extending his foot, uttered the mystical sound, "hoon," and in consequence of the stretching out of his foot, the Jumna became fordable. Basoodeo having crossed the river, came to Nund's house, and found the doors open; on going in, he found all asleep. Dewee had thrown her into such a trance, that Jusodha was not conscious of having been delivered of a girl. Basoodeo, having put Krishnù asleep by the side of Jusodha, and taken away her infant daughter, quickly returned homeward. After re-crossing the river, he came to the spot where Dewukee was sitting in anxious thought. Having given her the little girl, he told her all the news of his journey. On hearing the account, Jusodha, delighted with joy, exclaimed, "O husband! what need we care now, if Kuns should put us to death, since our son has escaped from the hands of that demon." Having told thus much of the history, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit, When Basoodeo had brought the female infant, the doors of their prison became closed as before, and both had chains and handcuffs fastened on again--the little girl began to cry. On hearing the noise or the crying, the sentinels awoke, and snatching up their arms, and being on the alert,

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began to fire their muskets. On hearing their report, the elephants began to scream, lions to roar, and dogs to bark. At this time amidst the darkness of night, and in the rain, a sentinel came, and having joined his hands, said to Kuns, "O great king! your enemy has been born." On hearing this, Kuns fell down insensible.

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