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HAVING narrated so much of the history, Shree Shookdeo Jee said to the Raja Pureechit,--O great king! Kuns continued to rule tyrannically in Muttra, and Oogursen to be afflicted with many griefs--When Dewukee, the daughter of Dewuk, Kuns' uncle, was fit for marriage, Dewuk went to Kuns, and asked him to whom she should be given in marriage; he replied, give her to Basoodeo, the son of Soorsen. On hearing this, Dewuk having sent for a Brahmin, and having fixed upon a fortunate time, sent the nuptial gifts to Soorsen's house; and Soorsen also having formed a marriage procession with great splendour, and taking with him Rajas of all countries, came to Basoodeo's marriage. Having heard of the arrival of the marriage procession near the city, Oogursen, Dewuk and Kuns, taking their armies with them; and advancing to meet it brought the procession with them into the city. Having advanced to meet the bridegroom with the greatest respect, they appointed a place in the bride's house for the reception of him and his attendants; having entertained all who composed the marriage procession, they seated them in a hall, erected for the occasion, and adorned with flowers; and Kuns gave away Dewukee to Basoodeo in the manner prescribed by the Vedas, and bestowed a dowry of fifteen thousand horses, four thousand elephants, eighteen hundred ruths or cars, numerous male and female servants, and golden dishes, or trays filled with dresses ornamented with jewels without number; and Kuns gave jewelled dresses also to all who composed the

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marriage procession. After this, all assembled to escort the procession to Basoodeo's house, upon which there was a voice from heaven, saying, "O Kuns, the eighth son of her whom you are escorting shall be your destruction, you shall die by his hand."

On hearing this, Kuns trembled with fear, and being enraged, seizing Dewukee by the hair, he dragged her from her ruth: snatching a sword, he began to say, gnashing his teeth, "The tree which is plucked up by the roots will not produce blossoms and fruits; I will now put her to death, and reign without fear."

On hearing and seeing what had happened, Basoodeo began to say to himself, "This fool has given pain, he does not distinguish between good and evil; if I should show rage now, the business in hand would be ruined; wherefore, it is better in the present instance to forgive; it is said, that, 'when an enemy draws a sword, a virtuous man will strive to soothe him; the fool on coming to his senses will regret his conduct, just as fire is put out by water.'"

Reflecting thus, Basoodeo went into the presence of Kuns, and joining his hands in a supplicating manner, and speaking submissively began to say, "O lord of the earth! there is no one in the world so powerful as you, and all men live under your shadow; being so great a hero, it is very improper that you should raise your sword against a woman, and it is a great crime to kill a sister--men will be guilty of injustice, if they know that they will never die: this is the custom of the world, we are born in one place, and die in another: a man may cherish his body by doing good or evil in ten million different ways, but his body will never be at his own disposal: wealth, poverty, royal power will be of no use; for this reason, be pleased to listen to what I say, and release your poor, weak sister."

On hearing this, Kuns, looking upon his sister as the instrument of his death, was alarmed, and became more enraged.

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[paragraph continues] Upon this Basoodeo thought within himself, "This sinner, with the mind of a devil, is obstinately determined to follow out his own plans; we must take measures, by which Dewukee may be rescued from his hands." Reflecting thus, he began to say to himself, "I will save Dewukee by saying to Kuns, that I will give him every son of her's, that is born; who has seen the future, there may not be a child, or this devil may die? The present crisis is before us, we can take measures for the future hereafter."

Having resolved upon this, Basoodeo said to Kuns, "O great king! your death shall not be caused by the hand of any son of her's, because I have determined that I will bring and deliver over to you all the sons she, Dewukee, may have: this I promise you." When Basoodeo had thus spoken, Kuns consented to what he had proposed, and releasing Dewukee, began to say, "O Basoodeo! you have thought well in saving me from the commission of so great a crime;" saying this, Kuns dismissed him, and himself returned home.

After dwelling some days in Muttra, when Dewukee had her first son, Basoodeo took it, and weeping placed it before Kuns; on seeing the infant, Kuns exclaimed, "Basoodeo! you are very true to your word; I have had reason to know this to-day, because you have not deceived me; sacrificing all your affections, you have brought and given your child to me, I have no fear from it; I therefore give the child back to you." Hearing this, Basoodeo took the child, and making a salutation to Kuns, returned home.

And at that time Narud Jee, the sage, went to Kuns and said, "Raja! why have you given the infant back? Do you not know that all the gods have been born, and come to Bruj to serve Basoodeo; and in the eighth pregnancy of Dewukee, Shree Krishnù being born, and having put all devils to death, will remove all the burthens of the world?" Saying this, Narud Jee drew eight lines, and counted them: when in eight countings, each in turn was the eighth, Kuns

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being alarmed sent for Basoodeo and the child. Narud, the sage, departed, after having thus informed Kuns, who took the infant from Basoodeo, and put it to death.--In this manlier, whenever a son was born, Basoodeo brought it to Kuns, and he destroyed it. Six infants were thus killed, when Shree Bhugwan, in the form of the great serpent, Shesh, took up his abode in the seventh pregnancy.

On the hearing this, the Raja Pureechit said to Shookdeo the sage, "O great king! give me some account of Narud, the sage, who was the cause of so many crimes being committed, in order that the doubts of my mind may disappear." Shree Shookdeo replied, "Raja! Narud Jee thought rightly, that Kuns would commit very many crimes, in consequence of which Shree Bhugwan would speedily appear upon the earth."

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