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THE object of this translation is to render the work easily intelligible to the young Student: in fact, to assist the beginner from the commencement of his study of the PREM SAGUR, in understanding what he is reading about, and the explanations of his Pundit.

With this view, I have endeavoured to make the translation a tolerably literal one, keeping close to what I considered to be the meaning of the text, without, however, wishing to translate every sentence exactly literally.

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The Hindee language is well worthy the careful study of every public Officer in India, as being the one, which is most commonly spoken by inhabitants of almost every part of the country. To the Military man this language is of special use, as it not only enables him thoroughly to understand his men on points of common occurrence and of duty; but by being able to converse freely with them, to study their habits, manners, customs, their general turn of thought and opinions.

The Hindee of the PREM SAGUR is remarkably pure, and the book is, I believe, an Examination Book at all the Presidencies.

W. HOLLINGS, Captain,       

47th Regiment.

10th February, 1848.

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