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Old Deccan Days

by Mary Frere


Title Page
Preface to the Third English Edition
The Collector's Apology
The Narrator's Narrative
I. Punchkin
II. A Funny Story
III. Brave Seventee Bai
IV. Truth's Triumph
V. Rama and Luxman; or the Learned Owl
VI. Little Surya Bai
VII. The Wanderings of Vicram Maharajah
VIII. Less Inequality than Men Deem
IX. Panch-Phul Ranee
X. How the Sun, the Moon, and the Wind Went Out to Dinner
XI. Singh Rajah and the Cunning Little Jackals
XII. The Jackal, the Barber, and the Brahman who had seven daughters
XIII. Tit for Tat
XIV. The Brahman, the Tiger, and the Six Judges
XV. The Selfish Sparrow and the Houseless Crows
XVI. The Valiant Chattee-Maker
XVII. The Raksha's Palace
XVIII. The Blind Man, the Deaf Man, and the Monkey
XIX. Muchie-Lal
XX. Chundun Rajah
XXI. Sodewa Bai
XXII. Chandra's Revenge
XXIII. How the Three Clever Men Outwitted the Demons
XXIV. The Alligator and the Jackal
Notes on the Narrator's Narrative
Notes on the Fairy Legends