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"Bhishma said, 'Then, O chief of the Bharatas, approaching my mother, that daughter of the Dasa clan, and saluting that parent of heroes, I said these words,--Having vanquished all the kings, these daughters of the ruler of Kasi, having beauty alone for their dowry, have been abducted by me for the sake of Vichitravirya!--Then, O king, Satyavati with eyes bathed in tears, smelt my head, and joyously said, 'By good luck it is, O child, that thou hast triumphed!' When next, with Satyavati's acquiescence, the nuptials approached, the eldest daughter of the ruler of Kasi said these words in great bashfulness,--O Bhishma, thou art conversant with morality, and art well-versed in all our scriptures! Hearing my words,

p. 336

it behoveth thee to do towards me that which is consistent with morality. The ruler of the Salwas was before this mentally chosen by me as my lord. By him also, without my father's knowledge, I was privately solicited. How wouldst thou, O Bhishma, born especially as thou art in Kuru's race, transgress the laws of morality and cause one that longeth for another to live in thy abode? Knowing this, O bull of Bharata's race, and deliberating in thy mind, it behoveth thee, O mighty-armed one, to accomplish what is proper. O monarch, it is clear that the ruler of the Salwas waiteth (for me). It behoveth thee, therefore, O best of the Kurus' to permit me to depart. O mighty-armed one, be merciful to me, O foremost of righteous persons! Thou, O hero, art devoted to truth, it is well-known all over the earth!'"

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