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85.15: Here nirmitāḥ is apparently a mere misprint for nirjitāḥ.

45.11: The addition of uṭṭhedha tti seems almost necessary.

53.10; 54.9; 55.11; 62.7; 66.7: In these passages I have substituted "shampooer" for "gambler," to prevent confusion of the shampooer with the unnamed gambler.

57.18: I have added the stage-direction dyūtakaramaṇḍatm kṛtvā.

67.5: Read kaṁ for kiṁ.

72.9: Read ajjo bandhuaṇaṁ samassāsiduṁ for Parab's ajja bandhuaṇo samassasadu.

78.5: We should probably read bīhacchaṁ (bībhatsam) for vīhatthaṁ.

87.8: The words cikitsāṁ kṛtvā seem to be part of the text, not of the stage-direction.

97.18: I regard nayasya as one word, not two (na yasya).

100.12: Read rakṣān for rakṣyān.

114.5: Read ṇaaraṇārī- for ṇaraṇārī-.

125.8-11: These lines I have omitted.

126.4: Read accharīa- (āçcarya-) for accharīdi-.

170.8: Read eka- for ekā-.

178.11: Read vaḍḍhamāṇao for vaḍḍhamāṇaa.

184.9: Read a (ca) for ka.

217.15: Whatever çavoḍiaṁ may be, I have translated it in accordance with Lallādīkṣita's gloss, saveṣṭikam.

226.2: Apparently khala- is a misprint for khaṅa-.

238.10: Read -ruciram for -racitam.

259.16: Read udvīkṣya for udvījya.

262.4: Read -bhājanam for -bhojanam.

262.14: Read paḍicchidaṁ (pratīṣṭam) for paḍicchiduṁ.

265.6: Read tvayā for mayā.

284.14: The words atha vā plainly belong to the text, not to the stage-direction.

287.2: I take paurāḥ as part of the stage-direction.

288.8-292.9: This passage I have omitted: compare page xii.