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Introduction To


- The Mother of the Universe -

This is the work of Sri Bhaskararaya. I have translated it for the Truth Seeker, as it is very highly respected by all devotees of the Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe. It is the best japa to please the Mother of the Universe. All Mantras are hidden in this japa, the fulfilment of all desires. The sick have been healed by only reading it, the poor have attained wealth, and fears have been removed. "To obtain the favor of the Mother of the Universe, one should repeat the Thousand Names."

"He who recites my Thousand Names once, is my devotee. He shall be known as dear to me, and I will give him all that he desires when having worshipped me in the Sir Chakras."

The Vyu Purana says: "One should repeat Devi's names on the water, in the forest, on the land, and any place where fear arises from wild animals or thieves. The names of Devi's should be repeated always, for such a one will be liberated from himself and bondage."

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The Kebika Purana says: "O Mother of the Universe, those who praise Thee by words,—Ambika, Jaganmaya and Maya will obtain All."

"The Vandika and Tantrika rites of repeating once the Thousand Names are better than bathing in the Holy Ganges, or other places."

For the purification of oneself and fulfilment of desires, repeat the Thousand Names.

Swami Vivekananda, wrote in his book Raja Yoga, about, 'The power of words.' "There are certain sacred words called Mantrams, which have power, when repeated under proper conditions, to produce these extraordinary powers. We are living in the midst of such a mass of miracles, day and night, that we do not think anything of them. There is no limit to man's power, the power of words and the power of mind."

The reader will find these Thousand sayings, like the Upanishads teachings, beginning from Gross to Subtle and more Subtle Truth. The repetition of many words will be found here but these are most important.

Author—May 10, 1930.

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