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The first Asan gives strength, and cures diseases of the muscles and nerves of the body. There are eighty-four Asans. Some of them are used to retain youth; others are used to produce calm, peace and harmony.


This Yoga is the best for controlling lust, passions, etc. It is used to stop the thinking principle, or bring the mind under control. The lower mind is ignorance itself, and until this fluttering mind is made to come to one point, the blessed state of peace cannot be attained.

All danger is caused by ignorance. There is no danger that comes from wisdom.

"He is mightier who controls his spirit, than he who conquers the city."

All the dangers come from uncontrolled mind. If every one would control the mind, all the miseries of this world would cease. All inharmony in the home is caused by lack of understanding of each other, and uncontrolled thoughts.

When people learn to control themselves and understand each other, then the poor Judge of the divorce courts will be relieved.

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There are Eighty-four Mudras in Yoga.

Why do Yogins practice Mudras and the five Dharanas?

To control the five Life or Vital Forces that are working in the human body. When these five forces are controlled, Yogins attain emancipation, or liberation.

What are the five forces and from whence they come?

The names of these forces are: Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana, and they come from the Kundalini. They are part of the Kundalini's energy (dynamic).

Through Mudras the Yogins succeed in gathering these five forces together, bringing them to their home, the Mother Kundalini, which is sleeping at the Muladhara Chakra, as Static energy of the Mother of the Universe. Yogins force the Prana and Apana to the place where this Static energy of the Kundalini is sleeping. Thus they awaken her.

First. The Earth Dharana. "When the Yogin opens the 'Earth Chakra' by the power of the Kundalini, he conquers the earth,

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and no earthly element can injure him. He walks over the land, freed from death."

Second. The Water Dharana. "Next the Yogin moves the Kundalini energy up to the second Chakra—the 'Water Chakra'. By opening this Chakra the Yogin is free from all sorrow, no water can ever harm him. Although he be thrown in the deepest water, "he will never die in the water." This Mudra should be kept very carefully secret, as by revealing this, success is lost."

Third, The Fire Dharana. "The Yogin should move the Kundalini energy up to the 'Fire Chakra.' When the Yogin opens this Chakra, known as Fire Dharana—the killer of the fear of death—then "fire can not harm or burn the Yogin." What else is there for him to fear?"

Fourth, The Air Dharana. "The Yogin opens this Chakra by bringing the Kundalini energy upward, and as soon as he has succeeded in opening the 'Air Chakra,' he has mastered levitation. This Mudra is the destroyer of death, and the Yogin will never be disturbed by air. This can not be taught to the faithless; by doing so all success would be lost."

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Fifth, The Ether Dharana. "Here the Yogin moves the energy of the Mother Kundalini upward and opens the 'Ether Chakra.' As soon as he is successful in opening this Chakra, he has opened the door of liberation or emancipation—he will never die unless he wills it."

"When the Yogin has learned the five Dharanas, the human body can visit and re-visit the Heavens, and he can go wherever he likes, as swiftly as the mind.

"Yogins should also practice the Bhastrika Kumbhaka. That, too, will awaken the Kundalini. He should move or awaken the Kundalini again and again, and though he be in the mouth of death, he need not fear it.

"When the Apana rises upward to the 'Fire Chakra,' the flame of divine fire grows strong and bright, being fanned by Apana. When the Apana fire mixes with the Prana, which is naturally hot, the spiritual heat of the body becomes bright and powerful." When the Kundalini feels this extra heat, she will awaken from sleep; then she goes into the Sushumna. As a key can open a door, so Yogi should open the door of liberation by awakening the Kundalini. The

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[paragraph continues] Kundalini is coiled like a serpent, and by Mudra or Pranayama processes the Kundalini will certainly move and open the mouth of the Sushumna.

"Without moving the Kundalini, there are no other means that will clear away the impurities of the 7200 Nadis.

"Yogins should practice the Bhastrika Kumbhaka, three hours daily; then he need have no fear of death.

"The Great Goddess Kundalini, the Energy of the Self, sleeps in the Muladhara. She has the form of a serpent, having three coils and a half. As long as she is asleep in the body, (finer body), the jiva is a mere animal, and true wisdom does not arise, though Yogi may practice ten million Yoga.

"When Kundalini is sleeping it is awakened by the kind Guru (the spiritual teacher); then all the Chakra's knots are pierced, and the Prana then goes thru the Sushumna. The mind is then controlled, and the Yogi arises above death. Yogi should practice daily some of the following Mudras: Maha Mudra, Nabho Mudra, Udiyana, Maha Bandha, Maha Vedha, Kechari, Jalandhara, Yoni, Viparitakarna, Kaki, Sambhavi

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and others.

"Maha Mudra should be practiced with the Jalanhara Bandha. Practice of this Mudra will cure fever, bowel trouble, enlargement of the spleen, indigestion, consumption, leprosy and any other diseases. It will awaken the Kundalini. It is called the Great Mudra by the wise. Practice of the Mudras should be equal on both sides.

"The Nabho Mudra should be practiced, and it is easy to practice. It, too, makes the Yogi safe from all diseases, and the body never becomes old but keeps perpetual youth.

"The Maha Bandha Mudra should be practiced with Jalandhara Mudra, which will bring the Prana downward. He who practices this Mudra will control the Prana and Aprana and move the Kundalini.

"The Maha Vedha Mudra is the best Mudra to awaken the Kundalini, but should be practiced with the Bandha and Maha Bandha. It gives success to Yogi over all nature's finer forces.

"Yogi should practice in secret, and not tell any one if he desires success.

"The Udiyana, or Flying Up Mudra, moves the Goddess Kundalini, and who masters this Mudra will be Master of all

p. 48

powers, like levitation, etc. This Mudra makes it easy to attain emancipation, and is the key that unlocks the door of liberation.

"The Mula Bandha Mudra is the best Mudra to control the Apana and Prana, and is the key to everlasting youth. Mixing the Prana and Apana causes heat in the body; that heat causes the Kundalini to awaken—then she goes upward thru the Sushumna. In that Sushumna all wisdom and powers are.

"Jalandhara Mudra is the well tried Mudra for keeping old age, decay and death away. It saves the nectar and keeps the vital force moving in the right Nadi. Who practices this Mudra daily, becomes an adept. Yogi should practice Maha Bandha, Udiyana and Jalandhara all at once.

"Khechari Mudra is the King of all the 'Mudras. It is hard to attain. The Yogi who masters it even for half an hour, will overcome hunger, thirst, decay and death—his body becomes divine. The earth, water, fire, air and ether can not harm that body. Yoni Mudra, Viparitakaran Mudra, Vajroni Mudra, Sakti Mudra, Manduki Mudra and Sambhavi Mudra are well tried, and will awaken the Kundalini.

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"The five Dharanas should be learned from a Master. With these Dharanas a Yogi goes wherever he wants to with his physical body; he may go to Heaven, walk on water, air and fire. and is Master of All. Except for the practice of Kundalini, what other means ate there to purify the Nadis? Once setting this power moving, Yogi should practice constantly. Who can practice a yama, need have no fear of death. Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga should be practiced together, as Hatha Yoga is dependent upon Raja Yoga and Raja Yoga is dependent upon Hatha Yoga. These Mudras should not be taught to the wicked and faithless, but they should be taught to calm, peaceful and faithful students. And he who teaches the secret of the Mudras is the real Guru. He can be called Ishwar (God), in human form.

"What more shall tell, O Devi? There is nothing in this world like the Mudras to attain the human goal quickly and successfully."

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