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Every one has many bodies, but I will deal with only two at this time, the Sthula (gross body) and the Sukshma (the subtle body). These two bodies can be easily understood by every one. The gross body can be felt but the subtle body can reason, as every one has experienced in the dreaming state. What keeps these two bodies together? There are ten pranas; five are subtle and five are gross. The gross pranas are in the gross body and move thru the gross Nadis or nervous system. The subtle pranas are in the subtle body and move thru the subtle Nadis. These two pranas are connected about the heart which is the organ of sensation. When the poets and others felt that sensation, they called it Atma or God in the heart. The other connection of the pranas is between the heart and the navel, that is the mind. The subtle body has as many nerves as the gross body. The three main ones are the Ida, Pingala and Sushumana. The Ida Nerve is on the left side, the Pingala is on the right and between the two is Sushumana. The mouth of the Sushumana

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is closed by the Goddess Kundalini as she is sleeping at the door of the Sushumana. The Kundalini is in the subtle body and remains there always, but part of her divine energy is in the gross body and manifested as Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana. The Kundalini is the creator and the sustainer of the universe. She is the All in All.

The best authority on the Kundalini is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It says: "The Kundalini is sleeping, closing the door of the Sushumana. She sleeps above the Kanda or where the Nadis unite. She gives liberation to the Yogi and bondage to fools. He who knows her knows Yoga."

The location of the Kanda is 12 angulis (or about 9 inches) above the anus and 3 inches long and 3 inches in breadth. It is the shape of a bird's egg and covered with a soft white piece of "cloth."

Great Rishi Yajnavalkya says the Kanda is about the same location. All authorities on Yoga give the location of the Kanda in the lower part of the body above the anus; and there is sleeping the Kundalini.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says further about the Kanda and Kundalini: "Yogins

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awake the Kundalini that is sleeping at the door of the Sushumana. Seated on the Vajrasan and taking hold of the ankles, Yogi should slowly beat the Kanda."

We read in the Sharada Tilaka about Kundalini: "We pray to the Paradevata united with Shiva, whose substance is the pure nectar or bliss, red like unto vermillion, the young flower of the hibiscus, the sunset sky, who having crept her way thru the mass of sound issuing from the clashing and dashing of the two winds in the midst of the Sushumana, rises to the brilliant energy which glitters with the lustre of ten million lightnings. May she the Kundalini, who quickly goes to and returns from Shiva, grant us the fruit of Yoga! She being awakened is the cow of plenty to Kaulas, and the Kalpa Creeper of all things desired for those who worship her."

The Kundalini is the support of all, the Yoga is the means to reach her.

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