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Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saints, by F. Kingsbury and G.P. Phillips, [1921], at

p. 128



Ādutuṛai, or Āvadutuṛai, in Tanjore District, now a station on the South Indian Railway.

Aiyāṛu, twelve miles from Tanjore.

Ālavāy, or Uttarakosaimangai, Madura.

Aṇṇāmalai, or Tiruvaṇṇāmalai, in South Arcot District.

Ārūr, Tiruvallur, Tanjore District.

Athihai Viraṭṭānam, South Arcot District.

Bramāpuram, Shiyali, Tanjore District.


Chidambaram, or Tillai, or Perumpattapuliyūr, in S. Arcot District, the most venerated place of Śaivism.

Chōl̤a, one of the three great kingdoms into which the ancient Tamil country was divided.

Comorin, extreme southern point of India, still a great place of pilgrimage.

Dharmapuram, near Tranquebar, Tanjore District.

Kāviri, or Cauvery, the most sacred river in South India.

Kachchi Ehambam, or Kānchipuram, the modern Conjeeveram, in North Arcot District.



Koḍumuḍi, near Erode, Coimbatore District.

Kōḷili, near the modern Tiruvallur, Tanjore District.


Kundaiyūr, near Tiruvallur, Tanjore District.

Kuttālam, Tanjore District.

Mal̤apādi, South Arcot District, near Trichinopoly.

Maṛaikkīdu, the modern Vetharaniam, Tanjore District. Curiously enough, the modern name is the Sanskrit translation of the Tamil, meaning 'Forest of the Vedas,' i.e., lonely place where Vedas are studied.

Maruhal, on the Cauvery River, Tanjore District.

Neyttānam, on the Cauvery River, Tanjore District.

Ottiyūr, better known as Tiruvottiyur, a few miles north of Madras, now practically a suburb.

Pal̤anam, Tanjore District.

Perumpattapuliyur, see Chidambaram.

Perunduṛai, Āvudaiyārkoil, Tanjore District.


Pungūr, seven miles from Shiyali, Tanjore District.


Puvaṇam, twelve miles from Madura.

Tillai, see Chidambaram.

Tiruputtūr, Ramnad District, near Pudukottah.

Tiruvaṇṇāmalai, see Aṇṇāmalai.

Tiru Neyttānam, see Neyttānam.


Uttarakōsamangai, Ramnad District.

Valivalam on the Cauvery, Tanjore District.

Venneynallūr, South Arcot District.

NḄ.—"Tiru" is an epithet meaning "Holy," but where it has become practically part of the place-name, that name is given in this list as if it began with T.

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