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Great Systems of Yoga

by Ernest Wood


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This is a short review of the major schools of yoga, including Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi varieties. Wood, whose translation of the The Garuda Purana is also at this site, was a founding Theosophist and wrote extensively on Hinduism, and Yoga in particular. His works on the subject are written for Western readers, and where he needs to use Sanskrit or other esoteric terms, he takes care to explain them. He was a practicing Yogi for most of his lifetime.

Title Page and Front Matter
Table of Contents
Chapter One. The Ten Oriental Yogas
Chapter Two. Patanjali's Raja Yoga
Chapter Three. Shri Krishna's Gita-Yoga
Chapter Four. Shankaracharya's Gnyana-Yoga
Chapter Five. The Hatha and Laya Yogas
Chapter Six. The Bhakti And Mantra Yogas
Chapter Seven. The Occult Path of Buddha
Chapter Eight. The Chinese Yoga
Chapter Nine. The Sufi Yogis