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The Devî Gita

(Song of the Goddess)

Excerpt from the Srimad Devî Bhagavatam

translated by Swami Vijnanananda (Hari Prasanna Chatterji)


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This is an excerpt from a much larger work, the the Srimad Devî Bhagavatam, also available from sacred-texts. This self-contained text describes an incarnation of the Devi, the Goddess. She discourses on her nature, and how she wants to be worshipped, particularly with Yogic practices, meditation and rituals.

There is also a more recent translation (see sidebar).

Title Page
Chapter XXXI. The Birth of Pârvatî in the House of Himâlayâs
Chapter XXXII: On Self-realization, Spoken by the World Mother
Chapter XXXIII: The Goddess displays her Cosmic Form
Chapter XXXIV: On Knowledge and Final Emancipation
Chapter XXXV: On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi
Chapter XXXVI: On the Highest Knowledge of Brahma
Chapter XXXVII: On Bhakti Yoga
Chapter XXXVIII: The Vow and the Sacred Places of the Devî
Chapter XXXIX: The Worship of the World Mother
Chapter XL: The External Worship of the Devî