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"The image of the supreme Self, stained by the dust of imaginings, dwelling inwardly, endless, evil, comes forth pure, by the stirring power of enlightenment, as the scent of sandalwood comes clear. . . "

And thus clearly, in lucidity and grace, comes forth Śankarâchârya's instruction to all who have sensed the possibility of a better world, and will have it so.

With the stirring power of enlightenment, the cleansing power of truth, he removes the veils from before the eyes of those who will follow him.

A textbook of spirituality is perhaps an impossibility, but this book makes a very close approach to it.


I have included the dust jacket advertisements along with their 1946 prices, for the sake of completeness.

Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge. The Key to a Key! A concise and readable explanation of the Stanzas of Dzyan upon which The Secret Doctrine is based, in H.P. Blavatsky's own words! Very valuable to students of the more profound doctrine.

118 pages, cloth, 2.00

Studies in Occultism, by H.P. Blavatsky. A thorough examination of the meaning of Magic, its relation to the inner constitution of man, and its place in our modern world. Straight-forward answers to some vital questions!

212 pages, cloth, 2.25

Isis Unveiled, by H.P. Blavatsky. Strange, but every bit true, this book reveals, in H.P. Blavatsky's own absorbing style, secrets of the Mysteries of all ages, from remotest antiquity to our own era. A source-book of Theosophy.

1336 pages, cloth, 7.50

The Bhagavad-Gitâ, W.Q. Judge's Recension. The first and the last! The book of devotion always and ever a companion to the student of occultism.

133 pages, cloth, 1.25

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The Crest-jewel of Wisdom

and other writings of


Translations and Commentaries by


FRESH and glowing as it was in the days of the Great Sage, Śankarâchârya, The Crest-Jewel bears the ancient glory that is Wisdom into our own time. In its precise and beautiful language, and in that of the other writings of the Sage, which are included in this volume, is presented his brilliant synthesis of all that is best in the Upanishads--the reality of Spirit.

As it was the work of Gautama the Buddha to "scatter broadcast throughout the world the teachings of India's Golden Days," so it was the work of Śankarâchârya to preserve these teachings, to explain them, and to mark them with a spirit and interest which will not die. It was by the reforming and refreshing of the Doctrine instituted by Śankarâchârya at a critical time that the Brâhmans were enabled to carry forth the sacred flame of knowledge and spirituality through dark and difficult centuries.

Charles Johnston, the translator of these writings, is well known to occultists as a profound scholar of Oriental language and philosophy. The text of this book was published by W. Q. Judge in the Oriental Department Papers of 1894-6 and in his magazine The Path.

Theosophical University Press

Covina, California
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