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The beginner will find the following works useful:

Sacred Books of the East, edited by F. Max Müller: vol. 1 & 15, Upanishads, translated by F. Max Mūller; vol. .34, Vedānta-sūtra (i.e. Brahma-sūtra) with the commentary by Śankara, translated by G. Thibaut. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1879, etc.

Philosophy of the Upanishads, by A. E. Gough. London, Trübner, 1882.

The Upanishads (in Sanskrit and English) and Śankara's commentary (in English), translated by Sītārāma Śāstri and Gangānātha Jhā. Madras, Seshachari, 1898, etc.

Sechzig Upanishads des Veda, übersetzt von Dr. Paul Deussen. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1897

The Philosophy of the Upanishads, by Paul Deussen. Translated by Rev. A. Geden. Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1906.

Das System des Vedanta, von P. Deussen. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1883.

The Six Systems of Indian Philosophy, by F. Max Müller. London, Longmans, 1899.

Of the numerous compendia of the later Vedānta we may mention two which have been published in English—the Vedānta-sāra of Sadānanda, translated under the title "A Manual of Hindu Pantheism" by Col. G. A. Jacob (London, Trübner, 1881), and the Advaita-makaranda of Lakshmīdhara,

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with Svayamprakāśa's commentary, translated by A. E. Gough in "The Pandit," vol. 8, 9 (Benares, 1873).

Of the chief Sanskrit texts of the Vedānta schools numerous editions have been published in India. Among the best are those issued in the "Anandāśrama Sanskrit Series" from the Ānandāśrama Press, Poona.

The student is not likely to derive much exact knowledge from the publications of irresponsible neo-vedantic societies in Europe and America. These bodies have the commendable object of making the principles of the Vedānta intelligible to modern Western thinkers; but until they display a more scientific and historical spirit their success is likely to be limited.

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