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Vishnu, Lakshmi and Brahma, Edward Moor, the Hindu Pantheon [1810] (Public Domain Image)

In the Great God's Hair

by F. W. Bain


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Title Page

A Lotus of the World

I. A Denier of Deity
II. A Rajpoot Marriage
III. Water-Lily
IV. A God and a Mortal
V. Man's Other Half
VI. Wild Flowers
VII. Out of a Former Birth
VIII. The Illusion of Beauty
IX. The Two Kings
X. A Pariah Dog
XI. A Red Lotus
XII. The Wind and the Leaves
XIII. A King and Queen
XIV. Love the Fisherman
XV. A Woman's Lord
XVI. A God abashed
XVII. Nectar
XVIII. The Favour of Fortune
XIX. The Triumph of Beauty


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