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Hymn to the Asvins

1We invocate this day your car, far-spreading, O Asvins, even
   the gathering of the sunlight,
  Car praised in hymns, most ample, rich in treasure, fitted with
   seats, the car that beareth Sūryā.
2Asvins, ye gained that glory by your Godhead, ye Sons of
  Heaven, by your own might and power.
  Food followeth close upon your bright appearing when stately
   horses in your chariot draw you.
3Who bringeth you to-day for help with offered oblations, or with
   hymns to drink the juices?
  Who, for the sacrifice's ancient lover, turneth you hither, Asvins,
   offering homage?
4Borne on your golden car, ye omnipresent! come to this sacrifice
   of ours, Nāsatyas.
  Drink of the pleasant liquor of the Soma: give riches to the
   people who adore you.p. 379
5Come hitherward to us from earth, from heaven, borne on your
   golden chariot rolling lightly.
  Suffer not other worshippers to stay you: here are ye bound by
   earlier bonds of friendship.
6Now for us both, mete out, O Wonder-Workers, riches exceed-
   ing great with store of heroes,
  Because the men have sent you praise, O Asvins, and Ajamīlhas
   come to the laudation.
7Whene'er I gratified you here together, your grace was given us,
  O ye rich in booty.
  Protect, ye twain, the singer of your praises: to you, Nāsatyas,
   is my wish directed.
8Sweet be the plants for us, the heavens, the waters, and full of
   sweets for us be air's mid-region!
  May the Field's Lord for us be full of sweetness, and may we
   follow after him uninjured.
9Asvins, that work of yours deserves our wonder, the Bull of
   firmament and earth and heaven;
  Yes, and your thousand promises in battle. Come near to all
   these men and drink beside us.