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p. 376


Continuation of the preceding hymn to the Asvins

1What force, Nāsatyas, ye exert, whatever, Gods, ye tend and
  This your own Vatsa gains not by his hymns alone: ye visit him
   who offers gifts.
2Now hath the Rishi splendidly thought out the Asvins' hymn
   of praise.
  Let the Atharvan pour the warm oblation forth, and Soma very
   rich in sweets.
3Ye Asvins, now ascend your car that lightly rolls upon its way.
  May these my praises make you speed hitherward like a cloud of
4When, O Nāsatyas, we this day make you speed hither N ith our
  Or, Asvins, with our songs of praise, remember Kānva specially.
5As erst Kakshivān and the Rishi Vyasva, as erst Dirghatamas
   invoked your presence,
  Or, in the sacrificial chambers, Vainya Prithī, so be ye mindful
   of us here, O Asvins.

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