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Verses called Frustration, Abuse, the Gods' Offering, and Dazzling Power

1Bang! here he is. A dog,
2Swish! it is gone. Falling of leaves.
3Crunch! it is trodden on. A cow's hoof.
4These Gods have gone astray. Do thou, Adhvaryu, quickly do
   thy work.
5There is good resting for the cows. Take thy delight.
6O singer, the Ādityas brought rich guerdon to the Angirases.
  Singer, they went not near to it. Singer, they did not take the
7Singer, they went not near to that; but, singer, they accepted
  That days may not be indistinct, nor sacrifices leaderless. p. 372
8And quickly Both he fly away, the White Horse swiftest on his
  And swiftly fills his measure up.
9Ādityas, Rudras, Vasus, all pay worship unto thee. Accept this
   liberal gift, O Angiras,
  This bounty excellent and rich, this ample bounty spreading far.
10The Gods shall give the precious boon: let it be pleasant to
   your hearts.
  Let it be with you every day: accept our offerings in return.
11Vouchsafe us shelter, Indra, thou to be invoked from far away.
  Bring treasure hither to reward the far-famed bard who praises
12Thou, Indra, to the trembling dove whose pinions had been rent
   and torn.
  Gayest ripe grain and Pilu fruit, gavest him water when athirst.
13The ready praiser loudly speaks though fastened triply with a
  Yea, he commends the freshening draught, deprecates languor
   of disease.

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